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We are a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who constantly pursue for steep learning curve in whatever we do.


We tried to select a name that can best describes and matches our identity. We’ve flipped through the dictionary to search for a perfect word, but to no avail.

So, why not create our own word? 

We are different. We are passionate about what we do. This is not a job for us.

We want to go beyond publishing price lists forwarded by whats app, and publishing same news that you can read everywhere else.

We want to empower you with SSESSMENTS, the understanding of reasons, impact and opportunities created by the most recent developments in the market.

We connect with you and with global players with whom you can explore these opportunities.

We listen to you, and create services and products that you really need.

This is why SSESSMENTS were born. Based on your request. Thank you.

The logo

Our logo is based on two infinity loops. Simply because we see endless possibilities and limits. We have no plans to stay idle. There will be continuous expansions on our product and market coverage, please make sure you stay tuned.

The 3 dots signifies 3 eyes.

Assessing the market from one point of view is simply insufficient and likely to be biased. We would like to look at the market from different angles, perspectives or dimensions.

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