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AlwaysFree: EIA: US Average Retail Gasoline Prices In 2019 Were 4% Lower Than In 2018


US average retail gasoline prices in 2019 were 4% lower than in 2018, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration. Last year, regular retail gasoline prices in the US averaged $2.60/gallon, 11 cents/gallon or 4% lower than in 2018, the data showed.

Prices were steadily increased in last year’s first quarter, from $2.24/gallon on January 7 to $2.90/gallon on May 6. However, prices gradually declined in the rest of the year, following the prices of crude oil. Cost of crude oil contributes to around 52% of gasoline retail prices.

Gasoline prices in the US vary between states and regions. In 2019, retail gasoline prices in cities in the US West Coast such as San Francisco and Los Angeles were generally higher than other regions due to its limited interconnection with the country’s refining centres. San Francisco’s average retail gasoline prices were the highest in the US at ($3.23/gallon-$4.12/gallon), followed by Los Angeles ($3.11/gallon-$4.10/gallon). Prices in the West Coast region fluctuated between a range of $2.91/gallon to $3.71/gallon in 2019.

This is compared to Houston ($1.92/gallon-$2.61/gallon) in the Gulf Coast, the heart of America’s petroleum industry. According to EIA’s data, gasoline prices in the entire Gulf Coast region fluctuated in a range of $1.89/gallon to $2.58/gallon in 2019, the lowest in the US. Other US regions include East Coast ($2.22/gallon-$2.79/gallon), Midwest ($2.00/gallon-$2.77/gallon), and Rocky Mountains ($2.17/gallon-$2.98/gallon).

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January 10, 2020 12:39 AM (GMT+8)