DailySSESSMENTS: SEA PE Price 12th February 2020


- A local converter in Malaysia stated to SSESSMENTS.COM that on a monthly comparison, February delivery offers for local LLDPE Film C4 increased by MYR300/ton ($72/ton). Demand-wise, sales for finished products from the converter’s end are shrinking due to the Coronavirus issue. Moreover, in the agricultural sector, demand for outcrops is low; hence, farmers may have to postpone the plantation process. The converter opined that the Malaysia market would need at least 3 months to recover. As for prices, PE prices are expected to drop in March as the supporting factor for firm offers is limited amid Coronavirus.

- While in Indonesia, a global trading house informed SSESSMENTS.COM that offers for import US LLDPE Film C4 remain stable compared to a fortnight ago. While for Thai and South Korean PE cargoes, no fresh offers received by the trader yet. As stated by the trader, the Indonesia market is still quiet. Numbers of inquiries are limited as most buyers expecting PE prices to decrease in the near term; hence, for now, buyers are on a wait-and-see stance to monitor market movements.


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February 12, 2020 1:53 PM