DailySSESSMENTS: SEA PP Price 11th February 2020


- An Indonesian converter reported to SSESSMENTS.COM on receiving offers for local PP Homo Raffia from a trader at IDR1,000,000/ton ($73/ton) lower than last week’s level. For import Middle Eastern PP Homo Raffia cargoes, the offers stand at $1,000/ton on LC at sight, CIF Indonesia Main Port basis. The converter is likely to submit bids at $20/ton lower from the initial offer level as the inquiries received from the customers remain limited. Currently, the PP market is in a downtrend, hence, the converter keeps procuring materials on an as-needed basis only. 

- A Chinese trader informed SSESSMENTS.COM that the company is offering PP Homo Raffia to Vietnam market at $990/ton on LC at sight, CFR Vietnam Main Port basis. However, the offers gained cold responses from buyers as market talks have it that other traders offering Chinese PP Homo Raffia at $950/ton with the same payment and delivery terms. The trader received bids at $50/ton lower from the initial offer level and rejected it.

*Offers on 30 days credit term

**Offers on 60 days credit term

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February 11, 2020 12:34 PM