NewsSSESSMENTS: Chinese Acetylene-Based PVC Producer Addresses Current Domestic Inventory Level


As stated to SSESSMENTS.COM, a Chinese acetylene-based PVC producer addresses the current domestic inventory level. As the government expanded its lockdown against the deadly virus, the majority of converters in the local market are still away from their desks. Therefore, PVC inventory in China continues to increase. 

The outbreak is set to have a severe downstream effect on trade and supply chains in China. However, most largest Chinese acetylene-based PVC producers claimed that this situation does not affect their production activities as their factories are located in remote areas, where the situation is not that significant. On the other hand, those producers have calcium carbide plants, which can support production, SSESSMENTS.COM was told.

“As most largest acetylene-based PVC producers are still running production at a normal rate, domestic supply continues to swell since most converters have yet to back to work. We think that the total domestic inventory for acetylene-based PVC already surpassed 1 million tons, including inventory on traders’ hands. Based on our observation, the total inventory level at the top 14 acetylene-based PVC producers in China stands around 250,000 tons at their respective factories,” the producer explained to SSESSMENTS.COM.

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February 11, 2020 4:47 PM