NewsSSESSMENTS: Further Price Amendment On LLDPE, HDPE Offers Reported As Sellers Dump Prices In Indonesia Market


Indonesia’s largest trading house applies a further price cut on LLDPE Film C4 and HDPE Film offers, SSESSMENTS.COM noted. The trader claims that other sellers in the country are dumping prices in the market,  including the leading Indonesian polyolefins producer selling at a low price for forward basis as panic kicks-in. On a weekly comparison, the trader lowered offers for local and localized Southeast Asian HDPE Film cargoes by IDR400,000/ton ($29.2/ton) while LLDPE Film C4 by IDR750,000/ton ($55/ton). As for localized LDPE Film cargoes, the trader approaches the market with a rollover. 

The trader revealed that even though the company does not have ample supply, the price reduction on HDPE and LLDPE is inevitable due to sluggish demand and to compete with local producers on the pricing front, SSESSMENTS.COM was told.

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February 13, 2020 9:03 PM