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NewsSSESSMENTS: Leading Indonesian Polyolefins Producer Announces Price List Week 25, June 15


Market sources in Indonesia reported to SSESSMENTS.COM that the leading polyolefins producer in the country has announced a fresh price list for the week commencing June 15, 2020. As noted, the producer initiated an upward adjustment of between IDR140,000-150,000/ton ($9.8-10.5/ton) on HDPE grades, while LLDPE grades increased by IDR140,000/ton ($9.8/ton), except for LLDPE Injection Moulding remain unchanged. Meanwhile, offers for mLLDPE C6 maintained stable. As for PP, offers across all grades remain unchanged. All changes compared to the previous price list announced on June 8, 2020.

The producer’s latest offers on cash, FD Indonesia basis are as follows (excluding 10% VAT):

Polymer GradePolymer CodeJune 15, 2020 Price list (IDR)June 15, 2020 Price list (USD)Changes from June 8, 2020 (IDR)
LLDPE FilmUF1810/S1/T13,040,000919140,000
LLDPE RotoUR3840V13,560,000955140,000
LLDPE CableUC182713,560,000955140,000
LLDPE Injection MouldingUI242014,370,0001,012No Changes
LLDPE Injection MouldingUI265014,560,0001,026No Changes
mLLDPE C6UF1810MH14,990,0001,056No Changes
HDPE FilmSF500713,450,000947140,000
HDPE FilmUF5205H13,150,000926140,000
HDPE DegradableSF5008E13,530,000953150,000
HDPE Monofilament/yarnSM550813,450,000947140,000
HDPE Blow MouldingUB5206H/UB5502H13,310,000938140,000
PP FilmHF10TQ15,450,0001,088No Changes
PP YarnHY3.8FY14,620,0001,030No Changes
PP Injection MouldingHI10HO14,620,0001,030No Changes
PP Injection MouldingHI35HO18,010,0001,269No Changes
PP SpunbondHS35NW18,010,0001,269No Changes
BOPPHF2.0BM15,450,0001,088No Changes
PP CPP Film GradeHF7.0CP15,450,0001,088No Changes
PP CPP Film GradeHF8.0CM15,450,0001,088No Changes
ThermoformingHE2.0TF14,880,0001,048No Changes
PPRC InjectionRI10HO17,050,0001,201No Changes
PPRC InjectionRI10HC217,520,0001,234No Changes
PP Block CopolymerBI5.0/9.0GA15,290,0001,077No Changes
PP Impact CopolymerBI32AN15,370,0001,083No Changes
Description: *USD/IDR exchange rate= 14,196.60

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Published on June 15, 2020 10:29 AM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on June 15, 2020 10:29 AM (GMT+8)