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WeeklySSESSMENTS: Vietnam PET Prices Week Starting June 1


Local PET Producer In Vietnam Sidestepped Current Price Trend To Maintain Competitiveness

  • A local producer adjusted prices in contrast with the current market trend 
  • Demand in Vietnam remains sluggish due to rainy season and Coronavirus pandemic
  • Local and import PET prices expected to maintain the current trend

SSESSMENTS.COM was informed that a local PET producer in Vietnam sidestepped the current price trend to maintain competitiveness. For the week commencing June 1, the offers for PET Bottle cargoes from a local producer via traders were adjusted higher by VND300,000/ton ($13/ton) from last week. However, another local producer decided to reduce the offers for PET Bottle by VND600,000/ton ($26/ton) compared to the same period. Sources opined that the producer reduced the offers to be able to compete as last week’s offers were higher than the other producer’s offers while the material’s quality from the other producer is better. Meanwhile, done deals were recorded at VND18,700,000/ton ($801/ton) on cash, FD Vietnam basis, and including 10% VAT. From the import market, the offers for PET Bottle cargoes of Indonesia and Thailand origin captured higher by $5/ton and between $5-10/ton respectively. Likewise, the offers for import PET Bottle of South Korea origin were also adjusted higher by $20/ton. While for China origin, the offers were captured stable to increase between $10-20/ton. All changes in import offers on week-on-week comparison. 

Despite the improvement, PET demand in Vietnam is still considered as slow affected by several factors such as, the rainy season, sufficient inventory on hand, and the tourism industry that remains poor due to the Coronavirus pandemic which led to the slow consumption of finished products. Some converters revealed to SSESSMENTS.COM that their factories are running at reduced rates as demand for their finished products is affected by the weather. On the supply side, there are no issues reported. 

Pertaining to the outlook, the majority of market players opined to SSESSMENTS.COM that demand will most likely remain stagnant due to the rainy season and Coronavirus pandemic. However, sellers expected local and import PET offers to remain firm taking into account the strong crude oil and monomer prices.

Local PET Bottle offers on cash, FD Vietnam basis (including 10% VAT in VND term, excluding VAT in USD term)

OriginTransaction TypeCurrencyOffers/tonEquivalent in USD/ton
VietnamOffer GivenUSD720-
VietnamOffer ReceivedUSD735-740-
VietnamOffer ReceivedVND18,700,000-19,000,000728-740

Import PET Bottle offers on LC at sight, CIF Vietnam Main Port basis

OriginTransaction TypeOffers (USD/ton)
ChinaOffer Given730-735
ChinaOffer Received730-735
IndonesiaOffer Received760-765
South KoreaOffer Given740
ThailandOffer Given730-740
ThailandOffer Received730-765

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Published on June 5, 2020 12:54 PM (GMT+8)
Last Updated on June 5, 2020 12:54 PM (GMT+8)